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These books are perfect for the newly confident reader. Age 6+

Book 1 RRP $12.00
A strange letter and code propels the circus into a tour they will never forget.
The mysterious Puzzle Master has invited Circus Charles to once again compete 
to find the best circus in the world. But not everyone wants them to win
Will they be stopped like last time?

Book 2 RRP $12.00
Skye discovers that hanging upside down isn't always magic.
With a guide rope on the Big Top snapped, the first show of the new 
tour is off to a bad start.  The next clue is hidden in a clock. Unfortunately
the town of Papenton is filled with clocks!

Book 3 RRP $12.00
Kestrel is out performed by a poodle? 
The clues are getting harder. When Pepper the performing 
poodle is dognapped, Kestrel races to the rescue. 
Is he out of luck as well as out of time?

Book 4 RRP $12.00
Tumbles, trips, and falls. The circus games are here. 
Kestrel and Skye face their biggest challenge when 
Circus Charles bumps into The Rainbow Revels. 
May the best circus win.

Book 5 RRP 12.00

Why does saying ‘Break a Leg’ mean ‘Good Luck’ in show business?

When the Circus is plagued with accidents, everyone is on edge. 

They need Good Luck but is it worth the cost?


Other Books

RRP $18.00
Can friendship survive lies, a famous rock band, obsessive fans and your own family?

Sonia found her best friend online and can’t wait to meet her.
Tressa has carefully faked a boring life. She needs her family to pretend to be normal for one week.
With her rock star father, a media frenzy, a film-obsessed brother and a bunch of star-struck fans.... Faking normal just got a whole lot harder! 

For Age 8 and up

Advance Review
Book review: How To Lose A Rockstar by Maureen Crisp
How To Lose A Rockstar is about friendship and everything that gets in the way of being honest when you’re navigating life’s unfair traumas and fragile hopes.
If that sounds heavy, it’s not. This is storytelling at its best with humour and emotions beautifully balanced. Two teens, Sonia (Kiwi) and Tressa (Irish) meet online but when Tressa visits New Zealand and meets Sonia in person, Tressa’s big secret threatens to destroy everything. 
Add to the plot a couple of irritating brothers, a large cast of family, neighbours and band members and you’ve got a story with enough of the ordinary AND the incredible to really make it zing. I loved it!

Trish Harris, May 2019