The First Star- Coming Soon


Book 3 in the Star Light Series.

Noah can’t wait to go home. He doesn’t fit in and his family won't miss him. He never dreamed he would end up living in a nightmare. Who can he trust?

The pirates who take him in, his protector who abandoned him, or is he just bait in an elaborate trap?


The First Star continues the story of the Fraser family caught between worlds, hunted by aliens, and holding the key to the survival of Earth.

The First Star is available in epub everywhere... and in print soon.


Sneaking In

 Just sneaking into the end of 2020 was the first book in a new series from Maureen Crisp

This series is for children (10 -14) who look up at the sky and wonder... is there anyone out there? 

Hidden away, four children are being kept from the outside world. What secrets do they know? Why are their lives in danger if they are discovered? 


Caleb’s safe world begins to crumble when he starts to hear voices that no one else can hear. His mother disappeared after she heard the voices. Will this happen to him too? How can he protect his family? The answers challenge everything he thought he knew and change his future on the planet forever. 


Star Light begins the story of the Fraser family caught between worlds, hunted by aliens, and holding the key to the survival of Earth.

Print copies will be available next month.


Circus Games Prizes.

We are delighted to sponsor the Prize Packs for the Circus Games, an initiative of The Circus Hub in Wellington. To keep kids active during the coronavirus lockdown The Circus Hub are posting challenges on their website for families to do.  Just go to their communities page.


Another Circus Book is on it's way....

Introducing Book Four in the Circus Quest Series...

Tumbling Town

Tumbles, trips and falls. The circus games are here. 
Kestrel and Skye each face their biggest challenge when 
Circus Charles bumps into The Rainbow Revels. 
May the best circus win.

Tumbling Town will be available in shops at the end of January 2020. 


Two New Books Arrive

It's been an exciting time at Marmac Media today. 

TWO boxes of books arrived. 

The first copies of Book 3 in the Circus Quest series. 


A new Junior Fiction tale from Maureen Crisp

With Rockstars and Circus Mayhem filling the office... it's never a dull moment.  Both books are available to order now.



We had a fabulous time at The Children's Bookshop in Kilbirnie... Puzzle the Clown was there to add special clown magic and bubbles and balloon animals to make the launch extra special. There was even a surprise Big Top Cake.

You can buy the books from us - just send us an email...
or from The Children's Bookshop in Kilbirnie
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